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What bread goes with egg salad?

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Mixture of hard boiled eggs, mayonnaise, a touch of mustard and chopped herbs like dill and chives, egg salad has a subtle bright and briny flavor that makes an excellent salad or sandwich.

There’s no better way to kick up things this week than with  finger-licking egg salad. Serving with fresh baked bread makes the combination even more delicious.

What bread goes with egg salad? Egg salad pairs wonderfully with sourdough, white, potato, croissant, english muffin, pumpernickel and garlic bread for more flavor. Additionally, hearty wholegrain, wheat, or even rye bread are a classic match with egg salad sandwich.

Furthermore, try egg salad on pita bread or bagels for a quick snack or breakfast with more nutritional value instead of using cream cheese.

Egg salad is a versatile cold salad to serve as mixture on toast or adding lettuce, tomato of your choice to make fulfilling meal. 

As a result, it is often served as a snack, appetizer for casual guests, or even turned into a lighter evening dish for the family. So, what bread goes with egg salad? Here are classic pairings you need to know.

What do you serve with egg salad?

Whether serving egg salad with a bread, dipping sauce, or as a salad topping, the mixture has a mild and subtle flavor that pairs well with various sides to make an appetizing meal.

  • Potato chips: This combination is sure to please. Potato chips deliver an extra crunch that goes well with the creamy and soft egg salad.
  • Salsa: Serve it with onions, chopped tomatoes, and peppers. Add some chili flakes, cayenne pepper, and tabasco sauce to make it extra fancy. Serve it as a dip or topping for an irresistible combo!
  • French fries: The crispy and salty flavors marry together beautifully. Serve the dish with buffalo sauce or homemade ketchup and leave guests feeling enthralled with flavor.
  • Crudités: Tastebuds praise culinary creativity, and a plate of fresh veggies with egg salad is visually alluring and packed with many flavors. Bring pepper, radishes, cucumber, and cherry tomatoes to the party. Serve them on a plate of lettuce, and enjoy.
  • Baked beans: The combination of baked beans and egg salad is mouthwatering, especially if you are craving something hearty. Whether cold or hot, baked beans will do the magic. Add some Tabasco and chili flakes to the beans to make them even more flavorful.
  • Coleslaw: Side of crunchy, sweet, and tangy coleslaw is an easy to prepare side, especially traditional creamy ones. It can surely go well with the dish.

What kind of bread do you use for egg salad?

Serving egg salad with the right kind of bread offers a variety of flavor. In fact, egg salad is quite a versatile to use as a protein and fiber rich dish.

  • Garlic bread: It is an absolute must try with egg salad. Garlic bread is rich in savory flavors and can blend perfectly with the creaminess of egg salad.
  • Potato bread: The recipe is delightful and easy to make. It is also an adequate combination of flavors that give an ideal kick-start to your day. Make sure to include chili in the egg salad to give it that extra special kick.
  • White bread: Traditionally egg salad sandwich uses white bread. Ensure the egg salad is loaded with mayonnaise, celery, pepper, salt, sweet pickle, and a touch of mustard. That is it! Serve it on white bread for a quick light meal that will win over your tastebuds.
  • Sourdough: Take egg salad to another level with sourdough bread. This is a perfect match made in heaven. Egg salad is delicious, especially served on warm sourdough bread and topped with spicy mustard sprouts. It looks fantastic, too!
  • Croissants: The layered buttery flakes with creamy egg salad is a match made in heaven. The creamy dressing from egg salad blends perfectly and is well suited for croissant rolls.
  • Pita bread: Simply open the pita bread to make a pocket and don’t forget to spread a dollop of cream cheese to harmonize the egg salad and make a low carb alternative. 
  • Bagel: Egg salad has enough fat and calories to consider it a great healthy breakfast item. Instead of cream cheese, try bagel with egg salad to fuel your morning.
  • English muffin: Hint of sour taste, english muffins complement well with the creamy and rich egg salad. Go with whole-wheat english muffins to create the ultimate egg salad breakfast sandwich.
  • Pumpernickel: Perfect tea sandwich when combining egg salad and pumpernickel bread. Add the right garnishes such as tarragon or chopped fresh mint to blend perfectly with the slightly sweet and sour bread.

What flavor goes well with egg salad?

Egg salad is simple to make. Just add flavorings like mayonnaise, pepper, and salt. But make it tastier by adding other flavors such as minced onion, lettuce, avocado, celery, tomatoes, chopped bacon, green olives, capers, mustard, cilantro, dill, etc.

Here are classic flavors that goes well with egg salad:

  • egg salad + hot sauce + pickle relish + lemon juice
  • egg salad + sriracha + green onions
  • egg salad + mustard powder + celery + Greek yogurt
  • egg salad + sour cream + dijon mustard + spinach
  • egg salad + avocado + red onion + dill + sour cream
What bread goes with egg salad

Bread with Egg Salad: Conclusion

Egg salad is easy, quick, and tastes delicious with almost everything, especially when served with fresh baked bread.

Typically, egg salad is served with white bread, however wholegrain, wheat or rye bread is good alternative bread choice to enjoy together.

Other types of bread that goes well with egg salad include sourdough, white, potato, croissant, english muffin, pumpernickel, and garlic bread. 

Each bread offers slightly sweet, savory, and buttery tastes that complement the taste of egg salad in different ways.

Due to its high nutritious value, it serves as the perfect breakfast and lunch when accompanied with pita bread or bagels to replace hummus and cream cheese.

To make egg salad sandwich a full package meal, prepare sides of potato chips, salsa, french fries, crudités, baked beans, and coleslaw.

Consider serving egg salad with the suggestions shared in this guide. Once you explore the potential of egg salad on bread, you will be confident to try the many different combinations.

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