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Summer meals with cornbread

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From chili to soup, cornbread is a baked good commonly served with a cold weather dish. However, nothing says summer like the smell of fresh cornbread baking in the oven. 

This simple and easy quick bread is one of life’s little pleasures. The toasty, buttery scent is to die for during the hot summer season.

What goes with cornbread in the summer? Regardless of hot weather, cornbread is delicious when served warm with soft butter, honey, or jam. Additionally, a fresh salad, coleslaw, hotdog, and BBQ ribs are summer-friendly dished to pair alongside.

For breakfast, egg dishes on a side with mustard and honey ham make an enjoyable morning with cornbread. It can also be paired with other protein foods or veggies for a filling lunch or dinner.

Whether it is for a light snack or dinner, determining what to eat with cornbread it requires simple flavor combination to make it four season-friendly. This article answers the commonly asked questions about what to pair with cornbread during summer. Read till the end to learn more!

Is cornbread a summer food?

Yes, cornbread is a summer food. In fact, cornbread is the underdog of the quick bread world. It is more diverse than many people imagine. 

For instance, baked beans, bean chili, white bean stew, and black-eyed peas is a very fantastic combination to enjoy during summer. Any vegetable combination with corn works best, especially braised greens. 

There is something unique about greens such as kales, spinach, or collard greens slow cooked to perfection. BBQ pork ribs or chicken paired with cornbread during summer is also a popular choice. 

What goes with cornbread in the summer?

Pinto beans always call for cornbread on the side as a perfect match because their flavors compliment each other perfectly. 

Other cornbread pairings during summer include:

  • Butter: Salted or unsalted butter and cornbread are inseparable. Just smear softened butter on the bread for the ultimate sweet comfort food. 
  • Cheese: Soft and mild cheese makes any dish better, especially with cornbread. The cheeses that pair wonderfully with cornbread are cream cheese, cheddar, feta, goat or cottage cheese for a mouthwatering treat.
  • Pork: The ultimate pork to pair with cornbread is bacon. The crunchy, sweet and smoky strips are perfect with the sweetness and softness cornbread.
  • Vegetables: Having some veggies alongside cornbread is a healthy way to start the morning. Cooked kale, spinach, brussels sprouts or collard greens make for a satisfying and sweet meal. Be sure to flavor everything with garlic, pepper and salt.
  • Soups and stews: No matter what type of soup or stew is being served, it’ll blend perfectly with cornbread. The quick bread will elevate the meal to a whole new level, whether beef, chicken or vegetarian bean soup or stew.
  • Ice cream: Cornbread is a delicious dessert on its own, but adding a scoop of vanilla ice cream can kick things up a notch. 

What flavor goes well with summer dishes and cornbread?

Flavors that go well with summer dish and cornbread include various cheese, spices, condiments and seasoning. These are the simplest ways of bringing cornbread flavor and depth. 

Here are more flavor combinations to serve with conrbread during the summer:

  • cornbread + pinto beans + cheddar cheese + sour cream
  • cornbread + beans + ranch dressing + bacon + cheese
  • cornbread + peach + prosciutto + dijon mustard + arugula
  • cornbread + fried chicken + coleslaw + mashed potatoes
  • cornbread + chicken pot pie + salad
Summer meals with cornbread

Summertime Meal and Cornbread: Conclusion 

Eating cornbread during summertime and selecting the best dishes to pair with it can be challenging. When done right, it changes the whole dish by making a delicious and memorable combination to serve your guests. 

Freshly baked cornbread can be paired with ice cream, stews and soups, vegetables, pork, cheese, or butter. A drop of honey on the cornbread makes the combination complete and delicious in a classic way.

Side of fresh chopped salad, tangy coleslaw, filling hotdog and BBQ ribs are all summer-friendly dishes to serve.

Whether serving cornbread for breakfast or dinner, add ingredients accordingly to accomplish diverse flavors from Mexican cornbread to Southern style cornbread. Take time to make the right meal choices when preparing cornbread to include alongside and you are guaranteed to wow the company.

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