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Does cornbread go good with chicken?

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Slightly sweet corn flavor with buttery, crumbly texture, cornbread is an excellent side to serve with soup or chili for dinner and breakfast. In fact, a slice of warm cornbread goes well with many sides including vegetables, fruits, meat and seafood. 

Does cornbread go good with chicken? Depending on the region, pairing chicken and cornbread may have different practices. 

In Southern cuisine, cornbread is a natural complement for chicken. However, from the North, chicken dishes are mostly served with regular bread instead of cornbread. 

Chicken dishes that go exceptionally well with cornbread are casserole, enchilada, chicken soup or stew, fried chicken, roasted or barbecue chicken and chicken pot pie.

Additionally, hot and spicy notes of chili with butter and honey is a classic pairing for cornbread. However, when it comes to serving meat with cornbread for healthy protein in the diet, chicken dishes can be an easy substitute for beef or pork.

But does cornbread go good with chicken? This article will explore what happens when you pair cornbread with chicken and the best flavors that can accompany the combo. 

Is chicken good side dish for cornbread?

Yes, chicken is good side dish for cornbread. In fact, chicken is great alternative protein instead of pork, beef, or turkey because it can stand up to a variety of marinades, spices and cooking techniques. 

Especially in southern cuisine, chicken is a main dish and cornbread accentuates its flavor as a side dish. While there are some exceptions to this generic rule, cornbread is not necessarily the main dish in a meal, and people often cook chicken with it as an afterthought.

Some argue that this makes chicken and cornbread an odd pairing. But others say that it is the best of both worlds because the sweet bread acts to soak up the broth or sauce leftover from the chicken recipe.

Typically, chicken stew or soup are served with cornbread. However, based on your personal preference, cornbread is versatile to pair with fried chicken, chicken pot pie, and roasted or barbecued chicken.

Be very mindful of the flavors used for the main and side dishes, they shouldn’t be overpowering, while still being able to enjoy the buttery sweetness from the cornbread.

What chicken dish should you pair with cornbread?

Many people who enjoy southern food are often looking for a unique chicken recipe to try. When serving a chicken and cornbread dish, it may be hard to find new flavor pairings that are outside the box.

One of the most popular chicken recipes to pair with cornbread is simple roasted chicken seasoned with herbs or garlic. Others enjoy fried chicken or grilled chicken to introduce unique marinades or dry rub spices. 

If you are looking classic chicken dishes to pair with cornbread, here are ideas to save you time while meal prepping.

  • chicken casserole
  • chicken enchilada
  • chicken soup or stew
  • fried chicken
  • roasted or barbecue chicken
  • chicken pot pie

What flavor goes well with cornbread?

Not many ingredients are required to produce a good chicken and cornbread dish. This combination is simple and straightforward, but it is still delicious and filling, so don’t get overly ambitious and ruin this tried-and-true combination.

Roasted corn kernels are a great way to add extra flavor, especially if you have the spare time to caramelize them on the side. Some people also like melted cheese, bacon bits or sliced jalapeño in cornbread meal for that extra kick.

Prepare a rich gravy to go with the dish for even more flavor. Gravy is a great way to make the meal really come together. 

With these classic flavor in mind, here are different flavors that goes well with cornbread. 

  • cornbread + honey + butter
  • cornbread + beans + ham + cheese + onion + sour cream
  • cornbread + jalapeño + cheddar cheese + bacon + scallion
  • cornbread + brown butter + maple syrup
Does cornbread go good with chicken

Chicken and Cornbread: Conclusion

The best part about a chicken and cornbread meal is that the ingredients are common, and the recipes are easy to prepare. Chicken dishes are a classic main dish that provides nutritious and fulfilling meal for any time of day.

Because the combination of chicken and cornbread is such a rustic comfort food dish, it may be fun to experiment with other ingredients or spices.

For instance, try different cornbread and chicken recipes to find personal favorites and fusion styles that may work together. Southern dishes are a great fallback plan, but be aware that not all flavors go well with this combination.

Consider honey and butter as condiments on the side to bring out the buttery sweetness of cornbread. In addition, add cheese or spices such as jalapeño to make the bread spicy.

Serve cornbread hot with a tasty casserole, enchilada, soup, stew, fried chicken, roasted or barbecue chicken, and chicken pot pie, you are guaranteed to not go wrong with any of these classic combinations.

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