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Chicken dishes that go well with garlic bread?

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Craving a hearty chicken dish and garlic bread? Whether the chicken is grilled, roasted, or marinated, freshly cooked chicken paired with buttery and garlicky bread completes a heavenly meal.

What chicken dishes go well with garlic bread? When serving garlic bread with chicken, consider parmesan stuffed, breaded, herbed, grilled with lemon, creamy soup, or baked with butter sauce, or simply sliced and served in a hot sandwich. 

No matter how chicken is prepared or what parts are used, chicken dishes can be cooked separately and served with garlic bread on the side. Furthermore, consider creating a hot sandwich or use as breading to make fried tenders or classic parmesan chicken.

From brunch to dinner, chicken dishes are a wonderful and delicious protein that can be served in many different forms.

There are a plethora of chicken dishes that go well with garlic bread. If you are a lover of chicken and garlic bread, this article is for you!

Do chicken dishes go with garlic bread?

Yes, a variety of chicken dishes go with garlic bread. In fact, they are the most perfect accompaniment to garlic bread.

Known for being a traditional pairing that is inseparable. Just like a green salad can be served with spaghetti, chicken dishes make a perfect combination for garlic bread. 

Due to its taste and flavor, garlic bread and chicken are popular as a go-to dinner. Use the bread to soak up remaining juices on the plate and add that finishing touch that fills you up.

What flavor goes well with garlic bread?

Not only salty and savory, sweet and slightly tart flavors also go well with garlic bread. Sauces like marinara for instance, is a better way to make garlic bread an exciting appetizer. 

Try soups with garlic bread, tomato-based is a good place to start. Even adding red wine to serve with garlic bread, helps to offer a slight sweetness that perfectly contrasts with the flavor of garlic bread. 

The laid-back flavor of pasta also goes well with garlic bread. It seems boring, but pasta with garlic bread can offer a sweet tartness that is well-deserved. 

If you have fresh garlic bread to serve with the meal, here are classic flavor combinations that go well together:

  • garlic bread + basil + parmesan cheese
  • garlic bread + tomato sauce + parsley + red pepper flakes
  • garlic bread + ground meat + sour cream + tomato sauce + beans
  • garlic bread + eggs + bacon + spinach + ranch

Which chicken dishes go with garlic bread?

Chicken and garlic bread are a match made in heaven and the flavor burst will get you wanting more. For the best culinary experience, pair the following chicken dishes with garlic bread:

  • Chicken breast: Grilled chicken breast with fresh squeezed lemon juice, garlic bread and green salad makes for a complete meal. It is the healthiest way to consume chicken without frying. 
  • Chicken thighs: Simply coat the chicken thigh with basil, cayenne, chili peppers, or cumin, rosemary, and sage, the juicy and meaty thigh blends well with variety of herbs. Herbed chicken thighs taste fantastic with toasted garlic bread. 
  • Chicken nuggets: For a quick snack, chicken nuggets with garlic bread on the side is filling meal. The crispiness on both dishes blends perfectly and adding a dipping sauce can enhance the flavor even more with sweet, tangy, or spicy flavor. 
  • Chicken wings: Whether the chicken wings are coated with sauces or original crispy fried chicken wings, they classically pair well with garlic bread on the side. 
  • Roasted chicken: Served with roasted chicken, it can be transformed into soup or simply added to make a hearty sandwich with garlic bread. Due to its subtle taste, any parts of the roasted chicken taste good, no matter how you serve them. 
Chicken dishes with garlic bread

Chicken with Garlic Bread: Conclusion

From bruschetta to caprese, there are many ways to pair garlic bread and chicken to accomplish a delicious and nutritious appetizer or main entree. It is easy to prepare and looks fancy with chicken and toasted garlicky bread that everyone will love. 

Both garlic bread and chicken dishes are versatile and pairs well together. If you are looking for what kind of chicken dishes to serve with garlic bread, try parmesan stuffed, bread chicken pieces with leftover garlic bread, herb marinated, grilled with lemon, in creamy soup or baked with butter sauce.

Garlic bread also makes a perfect sandwich with chicken to create a balance of salty, savory, sweet and tart flavors. 

From chicken breast to thighs, wings, and chicken nuggets, there are many parts of chicken that complement well with garlic bread, so don’t limit your creation. 

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