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Best bread for charcuterie board

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Are you looking something to serve other than crackers on a board for charcuterie? Fluffy, artesian, crusty bread makes a great addition to pair with creamy cheese, and savory and salty cured meat topped with sweet jams and crunchy nuts.

With a charcuterie board, variety is vital, and so is selecting the ideal bread for the board. Depending on the size of the platter and variety being offered, provide at least two to four bread types to offer a diversity of flavors, shapes, and sizes.

What kind of bread do you use for charcuterie board? Depending on the cheese and spreads served on the platter, the universal bread choices are typically French, sourdough, ciabatta, or rye bread. 

When serving rind-washed soft cheese such as brie or camembert, baguette is the ultimate choice to complement the creamy and crispy texture.

For both sweet and savory spreads, sourdough is the best option. Not only does it go well with garlic butter and spicy salami, but also with fig jam. 

The flavors range from herbal infused wheat and rye to traditional French or white bread such as sourdough. With this guide, cutting through the multiple choices and selecting the best fits for the charcuterie board will be a breeze. So read till the end to find out more.

Do you put bread on a charcuterie board?

Yes, you can put bread on a charcuterie board. In fact, bread provides a vessel to layer flavors and transport meat, cheese and condiments into your mouth. 

Two or three varieties of bread types are recommended when assembling a charcuterie board. Select bread types that are loaded with herbs and flavor to complete the meats and upgrade the complexity of the platter. 

Best bread for a charcuterie board

Some bread pairs better with dips, jams and spreads than others on charcuterie board. Understanding the bread type to include on the board depends on the cheeses, meats, jams or spreads on the tray. 

Some classic bread options to include on a meat and cheese board include:

  • Flavored artisan bread: To prevent flavor fatigue, add artisan bread on the board. The crunchy aromatic bread is pretty sweet and plays a vital role in breaking up the saltiness in the cheese and meat. This type of bread is paired with savory spreads such as olive oil and rosemary or sharp cheddar cheese. An orange loaf or sweet cranberry bread will be an excellent choice. 
  • Baguettes: Pretty versatile and therefore pair perfectly with almost any spread, making baguettes a must-have on the charcuterie board. Anything with a cream or oil base will work.
  • Multigrain bread: Adds texture and lends itself mainly to sweet spreads, but multigrain bread can also be paired with savory spreads.
  • Sourdough: People love sourdough bread for its unique flavor for charcuterie meats and cheeses. It’s paired with both savory and sweet jams, but be sure to toast the bread first for an unbeatable culinary experience.
  • Ciabatta: Not only good for sandwich, but ciabatta crostini or slices of grilled ciabatta or focaccia go well with olive oil, specifically served hot with cheese plate. 
  • Rye bread: When serving smoked meats and strong cheeses with pickled vegetables on charcuterie board, rye bread is hardy, astringent-flavored bread that stands up to complex flavors. For an intricate blends, consider trying roasted-pecans spread with rye bread.

Small bread for a charcuterie board

Small sized bread is a classic addition when preparing a mini charcuterie board as it occupies less space other than crackers. 

Small breads to include on a board include:

  • Croissants: Bite sized croissants should be used instead of regular-sized due to space concerns as well as to reduce overfilling and overpowering the flavor with other ingredients. These types are ideal for sweeter charcuterie boards with fruits and jams. Regular croissants may dominate the whole board, so bite-sized are definitely preferred.
  • Pretzel bites: When preparing a whimsical appetizer board, small pretzel bites. They are phenomenal to decorate a charcuterie board for lunch at the park or late-night snack.
  • Muffins: A charcuterie board is mainly for bite-size foods, therefore select mini muffins for that upgraded treat. There are ideal for boards geared towards breakfast or brunch with sweet dishes. Consider mini size blueberry muffins to serve with strawberries, blackberries, and cinnamon flavored cream cheese spreads and savory selections.
Best bread for a charcuterie board

Bread With Charcuterie: Conclusion 

From sweet to savory, there are endless possibilities to creating  a charcuterie board. Use your imagination to design multiple flavor combinations including a variety of breads.

Most widely selected breads to serve with charcuterie is sourdough, ciabatta, rye bread, and baguette. These breads are subtle and can complement well with sweet and savory ingredients.

Depending on the type of cheese, cured meats, fresh fruit or jams, and nuts, the bread pairing may vary. 

Instead of crackers, bread can be alternative option to complement a charcuterie board. As a matter of fact, bread is a great tool to layer flavors, spreads, cheese, and meats.

For advanced flavoring, consider herbed artisanal bread with olive oil, rosemary or even with orange zest and dried cranberries added to enhance the taste even deeper. 

When preparing a mini charcuterie board for a single or two people serving, try sweet mini muffins or mini croissants for brunch platter or pretzel bites for savory dish to maximize the limited space. Either way you slice it, bread makes a fantastic pairing with intricate meats and cheeses.

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