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Hi, I’m Joshua, the creator of Eat With Drink With. Welcome to my website! My partner and I live in Los Angeles, California with our two lovable fur babies. As a former executive chef, I enjoy creating tasty recipes to share with others.

I began to explore and experiment with the endless possibilities of cooking at an early age. I graduated from culinary school with a BS in Culinary Management and also an AA in Baking, Pastries and Desserts.

After 15 years of professional experience cooking in expensive high-end restaurants, I wanted to start sharing my personal experience with others on an educational level. In 2012, I joined the faculty at College of the Canyons and began teaching Knife Skills, Cooking Techniques and Introduction to Culinary Arts.

I wanted to increase my ability to share drink pairing and food knowledge with others. As a result, I launched Eat With Drink With as a place to communicate tried and true classic food and beverage combinations that my family and friends love to eat and drink!

My mission is to create and share delicious flavor combinations that everyone will love, from vegans to meat eaters and also picky kids.